Are all about THREADS
we stock an amazing inspirational assortment
of threads for a wide range of creative applications.

Threads can be used in a sewing machine, an embroidery machine,
an overlocker even a  long arm quilting machine.

Then you have your hand sewing from taking up a pair of trousers
with a needle and thread to sewing on a button.
From cross stitch to hand quilting not forgetting tapestry and textile art .
There is a different thread that will best suit all of these creative projects.

Moon Iscord Anchor DMc to name just a few
we even have a tantalising assortment of Textile Art Threads.
Enough to make anyone want to SEW.........

If we have not mentioned any of the threads you are
looking for then we are more than happy for you to
contact us with your requirements for THREADS
Email on the contact link  or phone us direct
01293 324014

Like FABRIC you can never have enough THREADS
so we hope that we have inspired you to start a new project,
by adding to your stash,
maybe some metallic embroidery thread caught your eye,
or a fat 1/4 that you just must have even if you have
another 20 plus already and the rest!!!!!!

appreciate any request thoughts or comments via our contact link
Plus don't forget you can also visit  us at our