We have a Long Arm
Quilting Machine
from APQ's our "Millie"

Have you ever used a
Long Arm  Quilting Machine?

We would be very happy to show you our "Millie" long arm quilting machine
in action,you can visit her  when ever you like.
Just give us a call to make an appointment you can come by yourself or with
a friend. You may happen to belong to a sewing or quilting group, this is also possible for
a group of you to have a pre arranged special viewing and demonstration .
This can be a day visit or an evening one,we will also offer coffee and cake.

A long Arm Quilting Machine is in most cases associated with the work of finishing a quilt.
However it is possible to do so much more on this very versatile machines.
Just some of the options would be applique, free motion,quilt as you go,
embellishments, textile art to name but a few.

This means we give you the opportunity to use our "Millie" under your own
steam choosing from pantograph design work with a laser  light. To free motion
creating your own design, style and patterns.

You can finish your own quilt, or design a piece of art of your choosing
However first we require you to attend one of our competence day courses and be given a certificate
on completion Once you have this it will mean you can now book Hire Time on our "Millie."

You may have been considering buying a Long Arm Quilting Machine
so if you would like to know more about the quality
range of machines from APQS.  
We can send you a full brochure pack in the post, so please phone us for a
chat or perhaps send an email.

As used on our "Millie"
We have a good selection of this amazing quality thread from Amann Germany
with over 390 colours one is very spoilt for choice.
When you see the shade card you will just want all the colours
well I certainly do......

If we do not have the colour you would like it is possible to order
other colours from the shade card and these should arrive in a couple of days.

About  the Thread Isacord  comes in both 5,000 metre cones and
1,000 Spools  although we only stock the 1,000.
(if you have
a large project and need one of the 5,000 cones once again this can be order for you)
The threads is
a ticket 40 and is an exceptional quality polyester

These threads are a so diverse and can be used in a wide range of applications
Quilting, Embroidery, Overlocking and Creative Sewing
including textile art.

Like to know more
PHONE 01293 324014
"Our Millie"
attention to detail
Handmade by Nadia Rose