CANVAS CRAZY  is great fun
This is a hand sewing craft, using an interesting assortment of threads in a wonderful mix of textures
and colours. You will be hand stitching onto various sized count canvas, trying out a number of
different embroidery and needlepoint stitches from very simple ones such as cross stitch or half cross
stitch. Then leading onto more complex ones Satin, Satin Square,Fan and  Cushion to name but a few.

There are not set rules with this at is based on what you wish to create so we will supply the canvas,
the needles and all the wonderful THREADS and YARNS even RIBBONS and CORDS if you wish You
just have to create the design.

If however you are stuck for inspiration we will of course give you some ideas and start you off. There
will be photos, books and of course original pieces of work to look at, that may just get you started.

The end result will be that you will have very individual piece of creation that can be made into a wall
hanging, a framed sampler, or depending on the size of the piece could be added to part of a larger
project such as part of a Bag or a Cushion these are just some ideas for your master piece.

YES Sewing Threads are truly amazing  Why you ask
There are a number of reasons for instance today we are extremely lucky to have
such a splendid assortment of colours to choose from. Then you have the
different types from cotton /Polyester/Rayon/Silk.

Then we come across those that are a mix of variegated colours and not forgetting
some that have depth and texture.

So in these classes you will discover more about THREADS and how they can be
used in a wide range of creative applications.

You will have the chance to have great fun, experiment both by hand sewing or
machine sewing to create some stunning samplers to take with you. These in
turn  we hope will be your foundation to do much more experimenting with
THREADS at home.

The cost for the class includes a Pattern plus use of all tools and
sewing machine NOT INCLUDED FABRIC for Garment
Come and join us for some very colourful and easy knitting, this workshop is to show
those  who are not sure about knitting that you can knit some great item that are
simple and quick to do no patterns and very little counting just lots of FAB wool and

Are you intrigued hope so well come and join us  and see what you think.

Inspirational Threads for both Hand and Machine Stitching

This is one of our favourite workshops as it involves the use of lots of colours an array of
fabulous fabrics plus an exciting collection of threads.

We aim to give you a brief look at what amazing items can be made out of all the scraps of
material that get left on the sewing room floor. Crazy Patchwork is as the name suggests a
little crazy therefore it can be random and as colourful as you like your choice.

The fabrics can be hand or machine stitched together, with this you will make a small sample
piece for your first attempt. Then from this as you gain in confidence to experiment you can
make larger pieces that can in turn be made into a number of different items.
Bags,Scarfs, Cushions, Table Cloths, Throws, Quilts etc

It is hoped that you will be able to complete a number of small projects and be inspired to start
many more on your return home
Lets make some bling with sparkle

o this workshop we ask that you bring all your old broken jewellery, if you
do not have any pieces
that you wish to bring to the class perhaps take a rummage at the local Car
Boot Sale to find some bargains

The idea behind this workshop is to make some new amazing pieces with
your recycle stash
Embellishing a project or garment can be great fun as you can add as little or as much as you like
from threads, beads,buttons,ribbon,ric- rac, feathers  just a few ideas
of some of the many items you could use.
Even something as simple as adding a few decorative stitches in a contrasting thread can make all
the difference to the end result.

Come and join us for this fun workshop all you need to bring is a dozen or so photos. If it is at all
possible we advise you to scan the originals and bring printed copies. If you need help with this for a
small charge we can help you do this on the day.

With these photos and a number of embellishments supplied by us
you will compile a number of pages that will be made  into a Mini Memory Album for you to keep and
take home.

These Mini Memory Albums are great for ones handbag as a talking point  of a special day   a
Birthday, Wedding,First Grand Child, a Special Holiday.They can even be given as a gift for a friend
or family member
As we have less and less choice on the high street to buy something that is not the same as
everyone else is wearing!!!

It is time to take a fresh look at what we already have in our wardrobes,
so we are going to look at a number of possible ways in which you can alter
the look of a garment you may have had for ages but you still love and are
loathed to get rid of it.!!!!

You can bring this or any other items from you wardrobe to the workshop.

If however you are unsure about re styling a personal item of clothing.
May we suggest you take a trip to the local charity shop or even a Car Boot

Suggested items to purchase:
T Shirt  -Jumper -Cardigan - Skirt

You do not need to be a dress maker to join us on this workshop, although we will be using
sewing machines or if you prefer you can hand sew.

What will happen you can cut and re design your garment, add embellishments, buttons,beads,
ribbons etc. It is possible to do very little to our item of clothing and find that it looks so different.


In this taster workshop we will look at what modern sewing machines can do today
also briefly look at some of the amazing selection of threads that can be used for a number of different projects.

This workshop is great if you have not used a sewing machine for ages and feel you would like to start again,
or perhaps you have never been into sewing and would just like to give it a try.

A sewing machine is not just for dress making or for alterations!!
Come and find out more

There are so many different crafts that one can do it is sometimes difficult to choose which one to try next.
So we thought we would bring together a mix of crafts in one workshop so you can choose
what you would like to have a go at.

Paper Crafts-Hand Sewing-Needle crafts
Canvas Work - Paints-Stamps
even a chance to dabble in  Mixed Media

The above is just some of the many Creative Craft Workshops we have on offer.

Many New ones will be added throughout the year.
Textile Art,  Free Motion  on "Millie" our Long Arm APQS Quilting Machine.
More Mixed Media, Paints, Paper, Glue, Threads, Fabric
Yes there is some much you can create with all these items.........

Is there a Craft you would like to know more about well just ask one of the team and we will see if we can Help.
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